Approaches in the development of motion sensors in the dynamics of granular media

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Irkutsk State Transport University, 15 Chernyshevsky St., Irkutsk, 664074, Russia


For the processes implemented in the technologies of vibrational strengthening of parts, it is necessary to develop options and justify the constructive and technical schemes of measuring devices that react to the existence of special modes of interaction of the granular working medium with a vibrating surface. Development of methodological positions for the development of measuring devices for evaluating the properties of the vibrational fields of technological machines. Three directions of construction of measuring devices are considered. A signal carrying useful information is formed by changing the sound pressure in the capsule with the microphone. The variants of constructive implementation of schemes for measuring the parameters of the vibrational field are considered. The article uses analytical approaches to the theory of vibrational displacements; it proposes and studies modes with a continuous tossing and the time of approach of the medium element, multiple to the period of the oscillation of the support surface. When processing experimental results, statistical analysis methods are used. A technique for processing the sensor signal is developed and proposed with the use of programs of analysis and detection of regularities. It is shown that the processes of interaction with a continuous tossing have properties that can be reflected in the forms of self-organization of the movement of the elements of the measuring device. The article presents the results of experiments.


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