Probabilistic Analysis of Bearing Capacity with the Pressuremeter Method

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Technology, University of Tlemcen, Algeria


The evaluation of the bearing capacity of shallow or deep foundations is a major and traditional problem This article deals with the estimation and analysis of this bearing capacity but with a probabilistic method (statistics) therefore the main objective of this work is to do a probabilistic analysis. To answer and achieve this goal, the work has two lines of research: a theoretical one which brings together a bibliographical synthesis on the estimation of the bearing capacity of a pile by the in situ method (in place) such as the pressuremeter test and the second axis is experimental reinforced by a statistical analysis. The results of the pressuremeter test used in the evaluation (determination) of the bearing capacity of a pile considered as a deep foundation which actually represents the abutment of a rail bridge. An experimental study is underway for pressuremeter test on several sites. The geotechnical data comes according to a study of the project for the construction of a deep foundation for a bridge in the region of Tissemsilt in Algeria, after having defined the pressuremeter profile and estimated the bearing capacity by the pressuremeter method, the reliability of the results was tested. by a probabilistic (statistical) analysis using the normal distribution.


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