Study of the Effect of Vibration Characteristics on the Stability of RC Structures

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Structural Engineer, Advance Design and Consultancy, Dhaka, Bangladesh


The strength design may be sufficient in case of regular building whereas some more design criterion needs to be considered for tall, slender and irregular building. Vibration is an important phenomenon that relates to the stability of any structure. Excessive vibration may cause unexpected displacement which may initiates cracking that is crucial for stability analysis. The time period is calculated solely depending on height in the present formula that is used in the static analysis. Logically the time period of same height building is different depending upon the varying shape and mass of the building. In this study a comparison of the story displacement would be made using 05 building models of same height and same mass with different shape using static analysis. After that modal and response spectrum analysis would be performed and check out the displacement and compare the time period values, story displacement that is obtained in the static analysis. In this study it would be demonstrated that the shape and size of the structure are also responsible for time period or frequency and the overall vibration characteristics of the building. The result of this study shows that the consequence of vibration for the same height & mass the displacement i.e. stability of structure is affected by the shape of the structure also.


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