Using Pressuremeter Test Results to Estimate Bearing Capacity in the Vicinity of a Slope- Numerical Analysis-

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Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Technology, University of Tlemcen, Algeria


This work consists in using the results of the modeling of the pressuremeter test in the estimation of the bearing capacity near a slope, the proposed basic formulas correspond to a simple configuration of reference, the soil mass being on surface free horizontal and the foundation subjected to a vertically centered load. The most complex cases, and in particular the presence of a slope, are treated by means of reducing coefficients applied to the basic formulas. The main objective of this article is to estimate numerically the characteristics of the pressuremeter test (pressure limit, pressuremeter module) to determine the bearing capacity in the vicinity of a slope. Our contribution is therefore to use a calculation code based on the element method with the contribution of two elasto-plastic laws, namely Mohr-Coulomb and Cam-Clay), with the exploitation of the results of the geotechnical survey carried out. as part of the project on the railway line in the Tissesmilt region (west of Algeria) and finally test the reliability of the results with the use of a statistical study by the approach of the normal law (probabilistic method).


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