Influence of Jeffrey Nanofluid on Peristaltic Motion in an Inclined Endoscope

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Department of Studies and Research in Mathematics, Karnatak University, Dharwad, 580003, India


Influence of Jeffrey nanofluid on Peristaltic motion in an Inclined Endoscope where the small intestine, large intestine, or other tracts of the human anatomy are in a cylindrical fashion. Hence in the present paper, we have considered the cylindrical coordinate system. In the gap between two coaxial inclined tubes, we have considered the incompressible non-Newtonian Jeffrey nanofluid. On the assumption of long wavelength and low Reynolds number, the governing equations were investigated. Using the Homotopy Perturbation Technique, coupled equations were solved with the temperature profile and nanoparticle phenomena. Using this present technique, the closed-form solutions of velocity, pressure raise, time-average volume flow rate have been calculated. The important result of this study is that the influence of Jeffrey nanofluid and inclination angle increases the velocity profile. Due to increase in the radius of the inner tube, the velocity of the fluid diminishes. The influence of different physical parameters on temperature, the concentration of nanoparticles, velocity, pressure rise,and frictional force of inner and outer tubes were graphically represented.


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