A Circumstantial Review on Ride-sharing Profile in Dhaka City

Document Type : Research Note


1 Department of Civil Engineering, Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology, Rajshahi, Bangladesh

2 Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Yamanashi, Kōfu, Yamanashi, Japan


The ride-sharing profile has gotten a decision to the horde of Dhaka City in the transportation field because of its broadened habits in transport offices. Before developing ride-sharing, broad issues like traffic blockage, misconduct of the conductors, and tolls' vexation were exceptionally regular in the city's common travel framework. The ride-sharing platform brings mollification in the city's transportation part through the possible relief of such basic practices. The paper aims to grant an itemized vision regarding the ride-offering plan in Dhaka City to how this vehicle framework executes various transportation issues, a couple of downsides, and some innovation-based achievements recommended by the researchers rising bothers of this new vehicle framework. The study also deals with the measures to make the ride-sharing scheme supportable in the future and includes the improvement of some application-based plans like ride-sharing. There is a gigantic extent of study for future researchers concerning the ride-sharing profile in Dhaka City.


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