Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 2 - Serial Number 14, Spring 2021 (In progress) 

Original Article

1. Rock Slope Stability Analysis in the Left Abutment of Bakhtiary Dam, Iran

Pages 1-19

Mohsen Fallahi; Masoud Cheraghi Seifabad; Alireza Baghbanan

2. Prefabricated Composite Beams Based on Innovative Shear Connection

Pages 20-26

Vincent Kvocak; Daniel Dubecky; Patricia Vanova

3. Contribution of the Blast Furnace Slag on the Behavior of HPC in a Hydrochloric Environment

Pages 27-38

Rabah Chaid; Habib-Abdelhak Mesbah; Naima Haddadou; Malika-Sabria Hamza

4. Improvement of Concrete Characterization Using Nanosilica

Pages 39-52

Esmail Shahrokhinasab; Francisco D. Chitty; Masood Vahedi; Sina Zolfagharysaravi