Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 3 - Serial Number 7, Summer 2019, Pages 1-70 

Original Article

1. Evaluation of Limit Equilibrium and Finite Element Methods in Slope Stability Analysis - Case Study of Zaremrood Landslide, Iran

Pages 1-17

Ahad Bagherzadeh Khalkhali; Mohsen Kabiri Koochaksaraei; Anigilaje SALAHUDEEN

Research Note

2. Numerical Simulation and Parametric Study on the Moment Capacity of Composite Beam

Pages 18-31

Muhammad Aun Bashir; Mousa Alqarni; Ahmad Noman

Original Article

4. Human Comfort Assessment of Buildings Considering the Effect of the Masonry Infills and the Soil-Structure Interaction

Pages 50-60

Jose Guilherme Santos da Silva; Jean Carlos Mota Silva; Leonardo de Souza Bastos