Investigating on hydrodynamic behavior of slotted breakwater walls under sea waves

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1 Civil Engineering Department, University of Aveiro, 3810-193 Aveiro, Portugal

2 Civil Engineering Department, University of Aveiro, Portugal



Breakwater walls are buildings that are built to prevent the collapse of the soil or other granular materials and the safety of the sea. One of the destructive phenomena in these structures is the impact of sea wave forces on the overturning phenomenon and instability of the coastal wall, which has damaged the structures existing on these sites.
The pattern of interaction between water and seas is complex in coastal structures. In this research, the influence of the different wall heights and soil type changes on wall stability and water pressure distribution in the coastal wall have been investigated. Also, studies will be done on the investigation and optimization of the wall and Finally, by comparing the results obtain with classical methods, the strengths and weaknesses of the classical methods have been analyzed and the effectiveness of these methods (classical) has been evaluated.
These walls are made in two types of weighted and flexible (mainly metal) types, in which flexible performance is considered in this research. The behavior of metal shields in front of the water will be examined using the ANSYS software. Several methods for calculating wave forces on perforated coastal walls are also reviewed. In this study, the behavior of the elastic wall is assumed. Coastal walls have been investigated in different hardships and the distribution of pressure and anchor due to hydrodynamic pressure of water on the wall have been investigated. The walls are different in terms of material and amount of rigidity.


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