Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Laterally Loaded Pile Group in Multilayered Cohessionless soil

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ABSTRACT: This paper presents the results of experimental and numerical analysis of laterally loaded bamboo pipe piles embedded in multilayered cohesionless soil. An experimental investigation on model piles had been carried out using bamboo pipe pile with outer diameter of 24mm and inner diameter of 20mm in a multilayered cohesionless soil. In first case, a loose layer is maintained between the dense layers with H/D ratio of 0.50 and in second case, only dense sand layer of H/D ratio 0.0 is maintained with the depth of 0.0m. Where, H is the depth of middle soil layer and D is the embedment depth of pile of different slenderness (L/d) ratio of 25, 30 and 38. An experiment was carried out to study the behaviour of lateral load on bamboo pipe piles of different slenderness ratio of 25, 30 and 38. The experimental results of first case and second case show that the lateral load –lateral displacement response depends on the slenderness ratio of the piles. The experimental program was further verified by a two dimensional finite-element technique. The experimental results were compared with numerical analysis and are in a close agreement.


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Volume 1, Issue 3
Summer 2018
Pages 28-45
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  • Revise Date: 12 August 2018
  • Accept Date: 18 February 2019