Cylindrical Bending of Power Law Varied Functionally Graded Laminate Subjected to Thermo-Mechanical Loading

Document Type: Original Article


1 Associate Professor Structural Engineering Department, VJTI Mumbai, India

2 Structural Engineering Department, Research Scholar, Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


In this paper, efforts have devoted to developing heat conduction formulation to determine the exact temperature for power law varied functionally graded (FG) laminate. Further, the semi-analytical approach has re-invented for displacement and stress analysis of FG laminate. This way of analysis involves solving of two-point boundary value problem (BVP) ruled by first-order ordinary differential equations (ODE's). Here material properties such as modulus of elasticity, coefficient of thermal expansion, and heat conductivity have considered being varied as per power law, whereas Poisson’s ratio kept constant. The effect has undergone examination for applied transverse thermal loading and mechanical loading with the developed semi-analytical formulation. The observation of the effect of variation of volume fraction as per power law on through thickness temperature distribution along with consideration of exact temperature and with assumed power law temperature has carried out. Further corresponding thermal stress analysis and its comparison with numerical parametric studies lead to productive output in this area of research.


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