Replay Attack Detection in Controlled Systems Using Dynamic Watermarking Method

Document Type: Original Article


M.Sc., Control Engineering, Department of Control Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran


The data restoration attack on the network could be revealed by injecting a hidden signal since its effect is not visible on the system output. In this article, a new dynamic approach to detecting an information restoration attack in the network system has been investigated In this regard, a scalar signal generated by the dynamics of the output estimation error is applied to the system input, while the stability of the original system remains reserved, the parameters of this signal are obtained in such a way that the reconstruction attack Information would be revealed. By using this method, the operator can determine the attack detection rate for a range of parameters values. On the other hand, for this input to the system not to inflict much cost, its parameters would be extracted from the form of an optimization problem. Finally, a new method based on the extension signal to identify the reconstruction of the information has been presented and has been compared with the Gaussian noise enhancement signal method.


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