Seismic analysis of eccentric steel structure with help of experimentally and Software method

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Annasaheb Dange College of Enginnering and Technology Ashta



Cyclopean investigation work is about the process of architype eccentric steel structure modeling and shakes table used for seismic analysis of eccentric steel structure. In order to test dynamic responses of a prototype steel structure. The ground plus four-storied prototype eccentric steel structure was prepared and dynamic analysis test was conducted using the shake table. The shake table recorded seismic data from an accelerometer attached to each story of a prototype steel structure. Four accelerometers were used in two stages and predicted seismic properties as like acceleration, displacement, velocity, etc. According to the correlation of acceleration, displacement, velocity other seismic properties as like story drift, drift ratio, inertia forces are predicted. To study the seismic of eccentric steel structure using shake table. The model has been clearly showing irregularity and eccentricity effect on various seismic properties and effects on the prototype model. A prototype eccentric steel model on a shake table is useful to the teaching and guideline tool to visually highlights the effects of the earthquake on the structure.


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