New Seismic Pushover Procedures using either Floor Enforced-Displacements or Inelastic Dynamic Eccentricities on Irregular Single-Storey R/C Buildings

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1 School of Civil Engineering, aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

2 School of Civil Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece


A numerical example of a torsionally-flexible, R/C, asymmetric single-storey building is presented here to clarify in detail the step by step application of two new documented pushover procedures on single-storey R/C buildings. In order to fully consider the coupling between torsional and translational vibrations of the floor-diaphragm under seismic action, the first pushover procedure uses floor enforced-displacements, while the second one uses lateral static floor forces applied with suitable inelastic design eccentricities (inelastic dynamic plus accidental ones) relative to CM. Both pushover procedures referred to the “Capable Near Collapse Principal reference system CRsec(Isec,IIsec,IIIsec)” of the single-storey building. The floor enforced-translations/rotation and the appropriate inelastic dynamic eccentricities used in the two proposed procedures derive from extensive parametric analysis and are given by tables or suitable equations. The evaluation of both procedures relative to the results of non-linear response history analysis shows that both procedures predict with safety the in-plan displacements of the building.


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